Lisakowski Marine Handelsvertretung fuer Schifffahrt und Industrie

Sagehorner Dorfstr. 76A

D-28876 Oyten
(Bremen), Lower Saxony

The LISAKOWSKI MARINE is able to offer the delivery of spare parts for ship's equipment from our stocks as well as can be specially ordered for you and delivered directly from manufacturers to any location worldwide. We also offer electrical repairs. Our priority is to provide the best merchandise, which is durable and reliable. You’ll quickly find that our parts fast longer and in return you will save money.

We have on stock lighting equipment manufactured by



- FAMOR S.A (Floodlights, ceiling and navigational lights and spare parts)


- BANCO W.H.Banel (Bed-room’s lighting and spare parts)



- Philips Lighting (Floodlight SNF300 250W / 400W)


- TM Technologie (Emergency lighting)

as well we can deliver products of Aqua Signal AG, Deckma.


Additionally, we can offer you a wide variety of quality products, vital for any business. Amongst other things we provide:





- Watertight wiring accessories for marine use: container-plugs, switch etc. made of brass and aluminium,
(Eldis, Wiska, K. Dose)

- Electric materials for professional use (switch, operating controls etc.
Alstom, Apator, Belma, Controlmatica, Elektromontaż Gdansk SA, Elhand, Elmech, Ema-Elfa, IMCON-INTEC, Lumel, Luxmat, Ospel, Relpol, SN-Promet, Spamel, Tensotronic, ABB, Klöckner-Moeller, Telemecanique,)

- Electric motors, ventilation fans (Tamel , Tofama, Nyborg-Mawent)

- Valves, pumps, hydraulic and spare parts ( BEFA, GZUT, ZETKAMA, Hydroster)

- Ship’s equipment and spare parts (Elmor, FAMA, Klimor, Towimor,  Sezamor)

-  Vessel’s windows and spare parts (Fa. Bohamet),

- Protective clothing (suits, coats, shoes).

More products can be found in our “Electrical Catalogue for Marine and Industry”.

A complete inventory on 550 pages lists every type of component you may require.

Our catalogue is available upon request. In case you have not received one already let us knows as soon as possible.

If you're looking for something which is not mentioned in the above categories, don't hesitate to contact us.

Maybe we can be of any help to solve your problem. We working also according IMPA and ISSA order number.

When you know your requirements, you can of course call, fax or write us.
But you can also use our
'online-inquiry form' on which we can make you an offer for products you need.